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First of all, we help formations that perform combat tasks in hot spots, combat units (Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Border Service of Ukraine, Territorial Defense) depending on our capabilities.

We receive requests from commanders of military units and formations. We accept new urgent orders from battalions and brigades that are on the front line.

Our main goal is to help units. Therefore, we do not accept individual requests from relatives or friends to provide one fighter.

We do not make individual orders for your contributions. (That is, if you sent money to the accounts of our charity and want us to fulfill your specific order.)
We purchase equipment based on the principle of urgency and depending not on your wishes, but on the urgent requests of soldiers from the front line.

To get help, you need to fill out this form

Also, we do not deliver parcels to a specific fighter.

The commander of a combat unit (ZSU, NSU, DPSU, TrO) can submit an official request to our charitable organization.

To do this, you need to fill out this form

Please attach a scanned copy or a photo copy of the official request to the form below (preferably on the division form) with a signature and seal.

Sample request

If we have the opportunity to immediately close at least part of the positions from your request, we will contact you at the number you provided.

We do not process requests for help from civilians or military in comments on social networks or messengers.

The organizers of our charity only contact the persons from your inquiries when they are already able to fulfill certain positions from the inquiry. We cannot respond to some requests due to the fact that there are no items in stock with which we could fulfill your request.

We do not confirm all requests sent by you with a phone call. Thank you for your understanding!

Our priority goals:

  • thermal imagers, sights, night vision devices and quadcopters;
  • cars (always needed in big quantities);
  • bulletproof vests and helmets;
  • medical supplies: (tourniquets, decompression needles, hemostatic medication, occlusal stickers).

If you or our partners have the opportunity to buy equipment, shoes or clothes for the military, bring them to our office, we guarantee delivery to the soldiers in hot spots.

Yes of course. We are often helped by our partners and simply caring people from abroad. Usually, these are money transfers, with which we already purchase everything necessary for our fighters on the front lines.

Our organisation does not finance such purchases, even if you are ready to take care of all the logistics, as there are no guarantees of delivery of the cargo to the required point.

But, if you are in Europe, we need your help in purchasing the necessary goods.

In this case, we cooperate with you individually according to the following procedure:

Write to us at (describe what exactly you are willing to help with).

We ask you to organize delivery to Ukraine yourself, and in Ukraine we will already be able to organize delivery to the necessary locations and your parcel will be handed over to fighters in hot spots.

Currently, we do not provide recommendations for volunteers in other countries.

No, we are currently focused on deliveries that can arrive as quickly as possible and without additional conditions. We apologize for not being able to devote time to your proposal.

You can contact our lawyer for the best solution in this issue (

No, we are now focused on providing everything necessary to the units of the Armed Forces, which are currently at the forefront. Therefore, we do not have time to make address deliveries now.

We provide all the photo reports periodically (according to our free time ability) on our website.

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